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Who We Are

The role of the Pentucket Regional Special Education Parent Advisory Council is to provide parents of children with any type of disability or unique learning/behavioral needs the information and training they need to fully understand their child’s unique needs, how it impacts their education and how to work collaboratively with professionals to enhance successful educational outcomes for their child. Through the promotion of unlimited access to the general curriculum to the full extent possible, meaningful participation in standards based education, and the implementation of effective transition practices, students with disabilities will meet their developmental and functional goals, be a part of challenging academic achievement goals that have been established for all children; and be prepared to lead productive, independent adult lives, to the maximum extent possible.

We recognize that children with disabilities need a voice in the school system as well as in the community to ensure access to both. We are that voice.

We are not an appointed board but a state mandated group created to ensure regular collaboration with school officials and community members to help in the planning, development, and evaluation of the district’s special education programs.

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