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Literacy Room

Winners of Our Annual Bagnall Summer Bingo

Bagnall winners posing for picture

Congratulations to all of the students who participated in the summer reading BINGO challenge! 

Each child who handed in their BINGO board received a certificate and a small prize.

Grade 1

Amazon Gift Card: Molly Roman   
Jeff & Maria's Gift Card: Chris Bouchard and Jack Gauslin

Grade 2

Amazon Gift Card: Ryder Cuneo    
Jeff & Maria's Gift Card Jack Stokes and Spencer Dwyer

Grade 3

Amazon Gift Card: Sophia Taylor  
Jeff & Maria's Gift Card: Leo Carbone and  Violet Torres

Grade 4

Amazon Gift Card: Kellen Crowder   
Jeff & Maria's Gift Card: Erin Hicks and Sadie Davis

Grade 5

Amazon Gift Card: Ashlin Marcotte  
Jeff & Maria's Gift Card : Caleb Moskal and Wren Neumann

Grade 6

Amazon Gift Card: Lila Sarafine      
Jeff & Maria's Gift Card: Karyn Schacht and Luke Zhilkov