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Mrs. Cassavuagh

Hello Artists!

During this time at home it will be really important to think “like an artist”, which as you know, means using your imagination and creativity. Here are a few ways to be creative at home:

Ask members of your family what types of art they know how to do and if they will teach you how. This may include drawing, painting, wood working, sewing, knitting, crocheting, baking, or anything else that requires creativity! You all have talents and can learn so much from the artists in your own families!

See what you have at home to work with. Here are a few ideas: LEGOs, sidewalk chalk, play dough, beads, coloring books, and whatever else you have!

On nice days, go outside to observe the art in nature. Look for flowers, birds nests, and other beautiful things. Try making a nature collage out of rocks, leaves and sticks.

If you want to, ask your parents to send me pictures of the creative projects you make at I can’t wait to see them!

Fun Art Activities

 Alternative Learning Activities